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Top 10 Social Media Tips for General Contractors

by alore

Social media marketing is not likely to be at the top of your mind when juggling all that comes with being a general contractor. Since social media is free, it can be considered an investment in your future business. We know time is often limited, so we have ten tips to help you manage social media as a contractor.

The Best Social Media Advice for General Contractors

Showcase your brand personality. Does your brand have a more earthy character or is it based on a reputation for perfection? The best way to show the nature of your business is through social media. Some clients prefer straightforward general contractors, while others prefer someone with a lighter personality. Your social media postings should reflect the way you run your company. If you want to be funny, share memes and funny pictures. Avoid politics and religion.

Share before and after. You are probably working on projects that will interest your potential clients. Ask your customers for permission to post a before-and-after photo of their home!

Post regularly. All major social media platforms (TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) recommend posting at least once a week. Use hashtags that are relevant to your post. It is beneficial to use hashtags that indicate your location and business.

Create a schedule of postings. Plan a month in advance. It makes everything easier. You can schedule posts using a free tool like Hootsuite or in some cases, directly through social media channels.

Prioritise your social media channels. Certain channels are more important than others. Linkedin can be useful if you are involved in commercial construction. Facebook is likely needed, and Instagram works well with Facebook. Post to Instagram, and then push it out to Facebook. For simplicity, it’s fine to limit yourself to one or two channels. Consider your target audience–where are they most likely to see your content?

Post Testimonials. You can turn your customers’ testimonials into weekly or monthly posts by asking them for one. Put your logo onto the image. For example, a graphic designer on Fiverr can create a testimonial template.

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Expand into a blog. Write blogs about how-tos and share them on social media if you are good at sharing. They won’t hurt your business because DIYers wouldn’t be interested in you anyway. This will help you get your name in front of people interested in hiring a general contractor to complete their project, and DIYers can share it with their friends.

Demonstrate your skill. You have valuable skills and advice to share if you come from a construction background. Consider creating a short video tip each week or month. You could, for example, record how you remove an untied screw or deal with a pop nail.

Discuss your favourite tools. What are your favourite tools? Highlight them! Even if your brand is not the same. This background information would be interesting to people!

Introduce yourself. Use the bio space on social media sites to tell people about you and your business. Create an introduction post or re-introduce your business if you have not paid attention to your current social media channel for some time. This will be displayed on your page so that people interested in your work can find it. After you’ve posted, encourage your family and friends to subscribe to your channels. Now you’re ready to interact with people in Facebook community pages!

Social media can take up a little bit of time—no need to feel under pressure to be clever or creative. Post regularly and put yourself out there. Your credibility will be enhanced if you post regularly.

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